Chicken Foot Fetish-New Orleans Art

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Real chicken feet, dehydrated, painted, and highly decorated with roots, sequins, feathers, glass marbles, rhinestones, mirrors, ribbons. Hang on your front door or the rear-view mirror of your car to discourage evil spirits and thieves. Request black painted chicken foot, or natural.

About the Artist: Sallie Ann Glassman is an American practitioner of Haitian Vodou, a writer, and an artist. She was born in Maine and is of Jewish/Ukrainian heritage.

Glassman has been practicing Vodou in New Orleans since 1977 and in 1995 became one of few White Americans to have been ordained via the traditional Haitian initiation.

She was quoted in The New York Times in November 2003:

"It's nonstop 24 hours a day ... I get people from all walks of life, from street people to professors to psychiatrists to political leaders. They aren't looking for hexes or charms to make someone's nose fall off. It's something much more basic. They turn to voodoo because there's an increasing desperation in our culture for spiritual meaning and direction."