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It’s no secret. Texas has fantastic food. But, one thing I’ve noticed lately, having lived in this state for the past eight years, is that the bar is propelling skyward. Sure, central Texas has always held the national attention when it comes to BBQ and our love of brisket, but there’s so much more food recognized now. Houston is America’s most diverse city, San Antonio has always had a strong Mexican culture, but in today’s food world, these places are delivering on different levels.  Look, I’m fat. I know a few things in this world: where to get a beer...

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Robert Dean is a journalist living down in Austin, Texas. His work has been featured in Forbes, Consequence of Sound, Austin American-Statesman, Mic, Fatherly, Daily Grindhouse, and Farce the Music, to name a few. He's also been on CNN and NPR. 

Stalk him on Facebook or Instagram, whatever your social media fetish. Just wash your hands. 

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Love me or hate me, my passion for putting a flame to a pan is what I do. That passion won’t ever go away; it’s who I am and where I fit best in the world. I’ve bled and sacrificed my life for this craft. I’ve lived the type of life where I didn’t have to go looking for trouble, trouble came looking for me--and I always welcomed it with open arms. made my life worth fighting for. What do you win while fighting against the trouble of doubt?  Freedom. You win the freedom to be yourself without compromise or...

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When is the last time you thought about Guy Fieri? When is the last time you were completely and unequivocally wrong about someone based on how they look or how they carry themselves on a television show? He catches a lot of shit because of his persona, that he can be turned into an easy meme, or poke fun at because his appeal isn’t Michelin starred, it’s mom and pop. In reality, Guy Fieri is a reflection of the true America. If there was a hero that 2020 needed, it’s the Mayor of Flavortown.  You didn’t know it because you...

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No matter what we say about it, a plate of food is art. You can’t get much simpler than that. Art is created from emotions. And flavors are a medium in which people who cook use to convey said emotions. Though these emotions aren’t always pleasant, we still endure them to further pursue our passion for our craft.  What we don’t see is that art is actually a painful experience to endure. Some make it out alive, while some aren’t as lucky. Despite what we go through, and the things that we have lost along the way, we always find...

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