Our Quest

Welcome to Cleaver and Blade Galleria, where the fusion of street and pop art forms the core of our identity. Established in 2017 in Taos, New Mexico, we ventured to the vibrant cultural landscape of New Orleans, LA, before returning to our roots in Taos. Our inception marked not just the birth of a gallery but a celebration of counterculture, freedom of expression, and the artistic mind.

Embracing Controversy in Art

At Cleaver and Blade, we recognize that true art often stirs the pot of controversy. Our artistic expressions are not just about aesthetics; they are conversations, sometimes bold and confrontational, that challenge the status quo. In portraying iconic figures as saints in our pop art, we blur the lines between the sacred and the secular, prompting discussions about idolatry, fame, and cultural veneration in modern society. While some may view this as provocative, we see it as an essential aspect of artistic freedom and social commentary. Our pieces are not just art; they are statements, inviting dialogue, introspection, and sometimes, debate. This willingness to engage with controversial themes is a cornerstone of our identity, reflecting our belief that art should not only be seen but also felt and discussed.

Our Ethos and Artistic Vision

At Cleaver and Blade, we are more than just a gallery. We are a movement, a declaration of artistic freedom and bold expression. Our collections are curated meticulously, showcasing the inventive works of graffiti artists, hip-hop artists, chefs, and pop artists. Each piece in our gallery is a testament to our commitment to authenticity and detail.

Artistic Approach

Our art style is unique and identifiable. We do not settle for the ordinary. Every image is drawn from scratch, ensuring that none of our products are mere replicas. The artist uses a diverse range of sources, including movies, photos, drawings, music, and clippings, to conduct thorough research. This approach guarantees accuracy and an extraordinary level of detail that resonates with the theme and personality of each piece.

Examples of Our Art

Our pieces are storied and rich in detail. For instance:

  • The jewelry of Saint Tony Montana is dated to the jewelry worn in the 1980s.
  • The Key West skyline is in the background of Saint Jimmy.
  • Folgers' Coffee Can (Donny's Coffin) is featured in Saint Lebowski.
  • The Book of The Dead is in Saint Beetlejuice's hand.
  • The quote of Donny from The Big Lebowski is included.
  • The DMT chemical structure and the glass of Buffalo Trace Bourbon are featured in Saint Joe The Enlightened.
  • The type of glassware that Saint Alton is holding in his hand is also included.

Our Journey and Growth

Since our online catalog launch in 2019, we have created a buzz in the world of pop culture. Our limited and exclusive collections continue to grow, thriving and evolving with the currents of contemporary pop culture. We celebrate the unconventional, the bold, and the expressive, aiming to provide a platform for artists who dare to defy norms.

Join Us in Our Artistic Endeavor

We invite you to explore our collections and immerse yourself in the world of Cleaver and Blade. Experience the confluence of street grit and pop culture elegance. Be a part of our journey as we continue to push the boundaries of art and expression.