Cleaver and Blade is the world’s mischievous & exclusive StreetWear brand for restaurant misfits.

Once you are in the restaurant industry you realize that you are not sticking around because of the short hours, money, glory, or the plush of the position; au contraire, you are doing it because you love the edginess of it, pushing the edge, riding that lunch/dinner rush wave, the family/culture, the controlled absolute chaos.  You are Cleaver and Blade… Our destiny does not dictate us all to be “celebrity chefs”, but we are ok with that, we are a band of misfits, we are the true crew of a counter culture restaurant degenerates with the philosophy of while we are here we will make the best out of it.  Food is Art… yes… FOOD IS ART and we are the artisans that we make a living out of putting ingredients together and making it into a meal.

In 2017, Cleaver and Blade was created with the above statement its grass roots, we are the reflection of the restaurant industry, Cleaver and Blade is not only in the United States, we are all over the world, from Greece to Australia to Argentina to the United States, everywhere, (ok, maybe not in Antarctica), but you get the point.

Cleaver and Blade was conceived in New Mexico, and headquarters is in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Misfit StreetWear:  Is a private collection sold exclusively though cleaverandblade.com.  Unfortunately, our line of designs are limited, so once we run out, we are out.