About Cleaver and Blade Galleria

Cleaver and Blade Galleria is an exclusive and limited Collection of pop art pieces that are curated by the team of Cleaver and Blade.

Every piece of art that is in display was researched and evaluated for the highest quality output.  None of our products are Photoshopped, traced, cropped or pasted, all of our images are created from scratch and go through a significant research for accuracy and detail to the theme and personality that it beholds; allow me to take a brief moment and give you examples...

  • The Logo of Tony Montana's Company in the background.
  • The beach skyline in Saint Jimmy background.
  • Folgers' Coffee Can in the Saint Lebowski. 
  • The Book in Saint Beetlejuice's hand.
  • The Quote of Donny from The Big Lebowski.
  • The DMT chemical structure and the glass of Buffalo Trace Bourbon in Saint Joe The Enlightened.
  • The type of glassware that Saint Alton is holding in his hand.

All of the printing happens in New Orleans, Louisiana, every piece that is shipped out goes through several quality reviews.   

When you purchase any piece, you are contributing to the New Orleans economy.

The Galleria is managed, owned and corrupted by Cleaver and Blade, Incorporated which is an American brand that embodies counterculture; artists, entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries.

Cleaver and Blade was born and established in 2017 in Taos, New Mexico.