About Cleaver and Blade Galleria

Cleaver and Blade Galleria is a limited and exclusive gallery that curates collections of street and pop art. Managed by Cleaver and Blade Incorporated, the gallery embodies freedom of expression, counterculture, and encourages the artistic mind.

Cleaver and Blade Incorporated was founded in 2017 in Taos, New Mexico, and later relocated to New Orleans, LA. The online catalog was launched in 2019, creating a hype like no other by celebrating the artistic works of graffiti artists, hip-hop artists, chefs, and pop artists.

Cleaver and Blade continually grows by releasing limited and exclusive collections that thrive in the current pop culture.

Every piece of art that we curate undergoes extensive research and evaluation for the highest quality output. None of our products are Photoshopped, traced, cropped, or pasted. All of the images are drawn from scratch, and the artist uses several sources, such as movies, photos, drawings, music, and clippings to conduct thorough research for accuracy and detail to match the theme and personality of each piece. Here are some examples of the details you will find in our pieces:

  • The jewelry of Saint Tony Montana is dated to the jewelry worn in the 1980s.
  • The Key West skyline is in the background of Saint Jimmy.
  • Folgers' Coffee Can (Donny's Coffin) is featured in Saint Lebowski.
  • The Book of The Dead is in Saint Beetlejuice's hand.
  • The quote of Donny from The Big Lebowski is included.
  • The DMT chemical structure and the glass of Buffalo Trace Bourbon are featured in Saint Joe The Enlightened.
  • The type of glassware that Saint Alton is holding in his hand is also included.