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A few years ago, I convinced a major tech company that I should write for them. I had been a freelancer, banging out blogs, doing my thing— foolishly hoping to make “real money” as a writer. But then, suddenly, I had a real job with a real salary, 100% covered health insurance and these insane perks. My parents and my wife were all proud of me. I’d landed a gig that they could tell their friends about, that the kid who moved to New Orleans with $300 in his pocket only a few years before figured it out. I felt...

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Robert Dean is a journalist living down in Austin, Texas. His work has been featured in Forbes, Consequence of Sound, Austin American-Statesman, Mic, Fatherly, Daily Grindhouse, and Farce the Music, to name a few. He's also been on CNN and NPR. 

Stalk him on Facebook or Instagram, whatever your social media fetish. Just wash your hands. 

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When is the last time you thought about Guy Fieri? When is the last time you were completely and unequivocally wrong about someone based on how they look or how they carry themselves on a television show? He catches a lot of shit because of his persona, that he can be turned into an easy meme, or poke fun at because his appeal isn’t Michelin starred, it’s mom and pop. In reality, Guy Fieri is a reflection of the true America. If there was a hero that 2020 needed, it’s the Mayor of Flavortown.  You didn’t know it because you...

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Watching the friends and family that I’ve made over the course of my career succumb to the relentless onslaught of this frenzied backpedaling and fear mongering from the people who said that we’d be ok. After trusting what they told us to do, we all lost our jobs and livelihoods.  This made me think back to be a child in the hills of Tennessee. The first place in my life where there was something that only a few claims to have seen but caused me to freeze with fear. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have...

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            Never in a million years would any business owner imagine that they would have to let their entire staff go due to an invisible enemy. No one can stop it, or escape it. Nevermind trying to plan for something like this. Now all we can do is attempt to prepare for the fight of our lives. We as grunts in the kitchen often are faced with many types of hindrances in our lives, but nothing can compare to unforeseen disaster. How do you do prep for no asses in seats? No dining room to look out to through the...

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