"Fast Food's Dirty Little Secret: The Real Cost of Cheap Eats"

"Fast Food's Dirty Little Secret: The Real Cost of Cheap Eats"

Fast food chains have screwed up how we think about food – it should be fast and dirt cheap, right? That mindset has left corporate restaurants and mom-and-pop joints struggling to keep up. They’re stuck paying their staff next to nothing and barely scraping by. The problem is, customers have been conditioned to expect this.

Now, these same fast food giants are hiking up their prices, but not for the reasons you’d think. They’re doing it to get customers pissed off enough to blame the government for wanting to raise the minimum wage. But here’s the kicker: it’s not about the bottom line. The real issue is that higher wages mean they’d have to cut into the fat paychecks and cushy benefits of their CEOs.

To fix this mess, we’ve got to reset how people think about food and its value. Educate them on what goes into making a good meal and why fair wages matter. It’s about transparency – showing customers why they should care. When they get it, we can start to break this cycle of low prices and exploitation, and maybe, just maybe, start paying people what they’re worth.
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