Don’t Marry A Cook

Don’t Marry A Cook

If you like going to sleep and waking up early, don’t marry a
cook from the night shift.
If you like going to sleep and waking up late, don’t marry a
cook who works mornings.
If you like bland, boring food- do not marry a cook.
If you like a select few things, and don’t want to experiment
with food, under no circumstances should you marry a cook.
If you absolutely must do something special on Valentine’s
Day, absolutely do not marry a cook.
If you want to have date night on the weekends, don’t marry a
It’s always important to know what exactly you’re getting into
when you agree to marry someone. By marrying a cook,
You know you will always have good, well seasoned food.
You know you will have to reschedule things sometimes, like
anniversary or birthday celebrations, because it’s busy at
You will get to try new things and experiment with food.
You won’t always get date night on the weekends, or you may
have shortened date nights during the week.
You may live total opposite schedules at times. The kids may
wonder why Daddy or Mommy isn’t with them at dinner. You
both may have trouble with the late nights and highs and lows
that happen right after a shift.
But you will be able to comfort each other through the highs
and the lows. The nights when they’re so irritable and angry
after a horrible shift, it’ll take some adjusting and growing, but
you’ll know how to be there and help them after those nights.
It will take work- by both parties. And, while the kids may feel
their parent isn’t always there- when they are there? It’s pure
magic. Oh, and the food they cook for the kids? Also pure
There are a lot of things I recommend, and marrying a cook is

NOTone of them.

Victoria Cancienne is a reformed restaurant worker turned
home cook and hospitality student. A New Orleans native,
Victoria recently made the move to Nashville with her
husband and family, and sincerely misses the warmer
weather but not the humidity. When not studying, she can be
found with her family either watching movies or cooking, while
thinking of how to make the perfect brownie.
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