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Ten Kitchen Commandments

-  Article written by Christopher Nokes

  1. Shortcuts do not exist.  If you don’t have time to do it right, how will you have time to do it again.
  2. If you do not know, ask, don’t improvise.
  3. If the customer wants it “wrong” complain but do it anyway.
  4. Our kitchen is a safe place. We all got here for different reasons, but we are a team and our differences makes us strong.
  5. If you start it, you own it. Finishing your project is no one else’s responsibility.
  6. Creativity and passion are to be celebrated not ridiculed.
  7. Every order is for a VIP. The same attention to detail is expected for every order no matter how small.
  8. Make food, not money. We are not used car dealers trying to get the money and not worry once it is “off the lot”
  9. If we aren’t having fun what is the point. Cooking is hard, but it is fun.  If we didn’t love it why not be accountants?
  10. Everyone cooks, nobody quits.
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