Top 10 Reasons To Cook With Lard

Top 10 Reasons To Cook With Lard

Despite popular belief, pig fat which is commonly referred to as “lard” has many beneficial factors. Apparently, it's one of the greatest ingredients to throw into the mix if you feel you need to kick it up a notch. Personally, I can't bring myself to use it because I was brought up to cook with olive oil and the idea is seemingly gross to me. Though my opinion differs from others, I can't knock it for not having tried it, therefore I'll try my best to give it a better reputation.

10.  Lard is actually healthier than butter for its lack of trans fat and is 60% monounsaturated fat. It has been proven to help lower bad cholesterol. Who would've thought using pork fat would actually lower your risk of heart disease?

 9.  It doesn't smoke at higher temperatures so it's harder to burn what's in the skillet. I would rather burn what's in the skillet, though because I refuse to keep a jar of that white jelly in my home.

 8.  Crispness is key. However, if you know what you're doing in the kitchen, you could just burn whatever you're cooking for a minute longer to give yourself the crunch you're looking for.

 7.  It makes incredibly flaky pastries. Though flaky pastries do generally taste amazing, they also leave a huge mess to clean up. Think you're the only one who enjoys lard pastries? I'm sure ants feel the same way.

6.  Nothing tastes or smells like pork after use. To be honest, that's unfortunate because I actually enjoy the smell and taste of pork. I feel as if I'm losing the further I progress through my list.

Veggies are left with a crunch. There are a couple of different ways to give your veggies a crunch, but I'd say the easiest way us to boil them for 2 minutes on low. Toss them in a little seasoning salt, nobody will tell the difference.

4.  There's a lot to go around from a single pig. It's unfortunate that the rest of the pig aside from the meat is getting pitched. Thank you for your service, Babe, sorry to waste the “best” part.

3.  It makes for a great butter substitute. Even though that may be true, and I'm not stating this to sound like a prude, but seldom do I turn to butter for much of anything. As a kid I didn't seem to mind it, now that I'm older I have to mind it.

2.  Frying with lard is that much better than boring old oil. In my opinion, frying food is just an easy way out. And an unhealthier one at that. I guess that would make me un-American to think that way though.

1.  You haven't tasted the south until you've had biscuits made with lard. There are so many different ways to make a biscuit, so why turn to such an approach? Judging from personal experience, I've always favored Pillsbury biscuits. They're quick, timeless, and easy to throw into a meal without question.

The next time you’re looking to fry something in a little fat, consider reaching for a bucket of lard instead of butter.


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